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You are not a fraud!

Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome!

It’s a bit of a buzzword that gets blamed for all manner of things (kinda like when your baby won’t sleep and it gets diagnosed with colic)…

So let’s set the record straight. If you are feeling any of these symptoms:

  • a crisis of confidence;
  • a momentary inability to do something that you previously could do;
  • feeling shaky about your worth;
  • feeling like a fraud; or
  • like you don’t deserve your achievements…

This is imposter syndrome. The truth is, we all have a little bit of it.

Why? It comes back to how our identity is formed and the function of our ego.

Identity is primarily formed in the first 8 years of life. Subconsciously, we build a mental picture and the associated cellular memory of who we are, what it feels like to be us (news flash it is not entirely accurate!).

Then we have our ideal self. The dream you- the person that you wish you were. Every time we experience pain or trauma as a child, our identity gets distorted a little further and the gap between our self-identity and our ideal identity widens.

Add to that the operation of our ego and is it any wonder that we get wobbly every now and then? Our ego’s job is to regulate our experience of reality and narrate our life to keep our self-identity regulated. And to do that, it lies. ON. THE. DAILY.

So now what? How do we find the truth of who we are? How do we become more anchored? Less a victim of our own mental gymnastics?

The answer is identity work.

The area of inner work that I specialize in is excavating your early childhood experiences and understanding how you came to be who you are. I use a tool called the sacred Enneagram and combine this with deeply personal coaching methods. The idea is to allow you access behind your programming so you can pinpoint the glitches.

Everything you want to create or build in your life, the successes, the relationships, the legacy, the brand… if it is not based on a solid foundation of healed and whole identity, it is going to experience greater levels of imposter syndrome (aka glitchiness), the more you try to stretch and grow.

The question is: What are you building on?

The reason that I have changed my entire business model to include identity work PRIOR to working with you on your image or personal brand is for this very reason.

I want to close the gap between your self-identity and your ideal identity so that they become one. I want to help you remove all the blockages which are holding you back from fulfilling your purpose.

Many clients talk to me about that feeling inside of them that they were destined for more but they just keep hitting their head on the ceiling. In other words, they don’t know how to move beyond themselves.

If this is how you feel and you are ready to dive deep and experience all the beauty and benefits of an aligned identity, image and life- it is time to call in the help.

You can book a free strategy call with me here to see what is keeping you stuck and how the work I do, (which is deep, fun, connected and powerful) might be the answer for you.