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Who I Am

Emma is

an embodied femme force to be reckoned with- An internationally certified image consultant and speaker, a trauma informed mindset & business coach.

Many people know me as Emma, the Stylist- colourful, confident and bold.

But what many people don’t know is, how I got here and why I am so passionate about seeing women reclaim their identity and unapologetically express themselves. You see, I know what it’s like to have a complete disconnect between your internal world and what everybody sees on the surface.

My life was one big saga of “keeping up appearances.”

From growing up in a religious cult, to 7 years working in law firms and courtrooms, to trying to be the ultimate wife and mother, I got hella good at performance. I perfected the art of acting fine on the outside whilst sweeping my own feelings under the rug. And it left me emotionally bankrupt.

When I became a sleep-deprived mama, it all came crumbling down.

I had a full blown identity crisis. I had no idea who I was. My life was built on being a high achiever that kept me so busy in performance mode I couldn’t be present to what was really going on inside of me. Let alone understand my own identity.

It took a long time but I rebuilt my life from the ground up. I retrained as an Image Consultant, started my own business and focussed on honing my craft. I soon rose to leadership within my industry, but I came to see there were more layers to excavate. Looking for answers, I did trauma counselling, mindset coaching and embodiment practices – all of which helped me strip back the carefully constructed persona and see all of the conditioning which were hiding my beautiful core.  Freedom, growth, self expression and radical self-love followed.

I started using these practices to help my clients and the results were phenomenal, so I mapped it out and developed the pillars of identity and image alignment, which is how ‘Woman of Influence,’ my 6 month transformational immersion experience, was born.

What do you get when you work with me? A mirror, a truth teller, a deeply connected, transformational alchemist and your permission slip to living your biggest, boldest, most unapologetic life in your own unique style.

Since 2014, Emma has advocated for women’s empowerment through powerful authentic style.

She is a trauma informed, certified Mindset Coach and an Internationally Certified Image Consultant with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She has also served as President of AICI Australia. She speaks internationally, innovating the Image industry with her style empowerment teaching.

Emma is the founder of Woman of Influence- a 6 month online group coaching program that invites women to own their identity and influence and attract divinely aligned people and opportunities into their sphere.

Emma is a cacao drinking connection junkie who loves challenging the status quo. When she is not working, you can find her rollerskating, dancing or chasing after her 4 feisty kids.