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Identity & Image Alignment coaching service for female leaders, founders and visionaries who are ripe to embody freedom, connection and abundance.







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Who I Am

About Emma

Emma is an  embodied force to be reckoned with. 

A trauma informed mindset & business coach and internationally certified image consultant, she’s here to activate your unique calling and accelerate your success by uniting your style and substance.

What I Stand For


YOUR embodied PERSONAL empowerment which creates your social, emotional and financial FREEDOM. One of the LAST places women access their empowerment is through the mind body connection.  By nailing this powerful partnership FIRST, we can stop playing small and expand into leadership, vision and purpose. When we are seen for who we truly are, everything we build, create and wear becomes an overflow of worthiness and joy. 

How you will

level up your life

You are invited on a deeply personal transformational journey. Unleash your whole, healed anchored self and come alive with radiant vitality, strength, inspiration and magnetism. This is self leadership and business expansion from authentic influence.

UNLOCK identity

Close the gap between who you think you are and who you wish you were and finally understand your unique road map for success and satisfaction (which is VERY different than what everyone else is doing).

Get reconnected

Get your mind and body working together and start to thrive with newfound safety, confidence, focus and wellbeing. Embodiment allows you to master your moods, reset body image and step into any situation without stress, fear, anxiety or overwhelm.


Embodied safety unleashes unapologetic self expression, vision and creativity that oozes from every part of your being.  Your message, image and brand all marry up as compelling evidence of who you are, what you’re good at and the unique thing that you were put on this planet to do.

Get noticed

Authentic, aligned people are impossible to miss.  Whether you have a business or are employed, precision branding creates visibility, momentum and establishes you as an authority in your niche, expanding your reach and attracting divinely aligned people and rich opportunities straight to you. 


BECOMING THE woman you were born to be

Woman of Influence is for women who are done with keeping up appearances and instead want to show up with powerful alignment.  No more fake it until you make it- it’s time to uncover your core identity and step into powerful self expression so you can serve and prosper! 


We don’t do superficial makeovers. Our programs simultaneously get you both internal and external results and take you on a journey of unbecoming so you can embrace who you really are, lean into your strengths and turn your flaws into superpowers to help.

  • Shed everything that is not aligned and fully embody your true self, your creativity and your gifts.
  • Break free from old paradigms and remove anything standing in between you and your expansion in health, vitality, expression, wellness and service to self and others.
  • Step into high performance and visibility without compromise, burnout or the relational toll.
  • Revitalise your relationship with yourself and thrive in a new way of being with your connected, lush, abundant life.
  • Let your brand become a beautiful extension of your ever evolving self.


Transformation doesn’t have to be brutal, in fact, we make sure yours is downright beautiful.  You get to leave behind anything heavy and painful and redefine yourself with effortless alignment.

Become a Woman of Influence.



This high touch, high level 6 month small group container is a safe, connected, fun  growth accelerator. This is not an online course, it is an immersive experience that includes group coaching, 1:1 consulting and video training to transform you from the inside out and activate your highest calling.

2. The Image & Branding Kickstarter

For the woman wanting to skip the inner work and access visual transformation now! If you want to level up, unleash your powerful authentic image and discover your personal colour palette but don’t have the time to dedicate to the full overhaul just yet, you can access the essentials of self expression and style in this 12 week course.

3. The Platinum Experience

A premium service for established leaders and founders who are ready to share all the facets you’ve been keeping hidden with a game changing branding. Get access to Emma’s dream team with this end-to-end, done for you service, complete with creative direction, styling, wardrobe management and a photographic experience that delivers oodles of powerful content.

the new paradigm


You don’t have to stay where you are. You’re invited to experience radical transformation!

The good news is there is room for all of you- Lavish self love, deep connection and satisfying impact awaits you. 

client love


Are you ready to reclaim your identity, ooze style and substance and make your mark as you serve and prosper? 

The Woman of Influence is an immersion experience, a high touch growth accelerator for women wanting to create a legacy that transforms lives, starting with their own. Over 6 months you will unlock your  blueprint for success and satisfaction, dramatically boost confidence, authority and inner guidance and experience a total inside out overhaul that activates you into your unique calling and positions you to be paid your worth.