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Immersion Experience

Woman of Influence

If you’ve got a dream or a calling and you want to discover what you were put on this planet to do, there is a road map. And it’s your identity.

In this 6 month intimate immersion experience, we take leaders, founders, visionaries and artists on a journey of self discovery, going inward to find whole, healed, identity- the basis for your aligned image and branding that harnesses your influence and amplifies your impact.

If you are a with a dream or a calling and you’re done with managing people’s perceptions of you and want to deep dive into your whole healed identity, this is the experience for you. 

In this 6 month immersion experience,  you will learn in a safe small group setting, how to access your rich inner world, reconnect with the truth of your identity and establish yourself as a radiant, magnetic powerhouse without relying on external validation.

With 12 video modules and weekly coaching, you’ll learn how to reconnect your mind and body, regulate your emotions, integrate forgotten facets and heal identity wounds so you can drop your mask and redirect your energy into your powerful purpose. Emma will show you the specific steps she used to shift from imposter syndrome to femme force to be reckoned with.    

Online Course

The Irresistible Woman Image & Branding Kickstarter

Discover your powerful authentic image & personal colour palette and get ready to launch.

If you are ready to transform the way you see yourself,  unleash your powerful authentic image and discover your personal colour palette but don’t have the time to dedicate to the full overhaul right now- this one is for you.

In this 12 week experience, you learn the essentials of self expression and style. Using your image blueprint you will learn how to dress your truth in a way that allows people to see the real you. If you are ready to step into the spotlight as you upgrade your profile or launch a brand, this course is for you.

Emma shows you how to use your unique identity, features and values to create an image that amplifies your message and moves you towards your purpose. She equips you with the exact tools you need to choose clothes and accessories that are flattering, empowering and intuitively feel good.

The Dream Team

The Platinum Personal Brand Experience

Get your dream clients falling in love with you the moment they flip to your homepage.  

If you’re a purpose driven woman with an already visible brand, and you’ve realised that your perfectly curated marketing is more about people pleasing than communicating your truth, then this is the experience for you. 

This is a premium service for established leaders and founders who are ready to share all the facets you’ve been keeping hidden with game changing branding that magnetises dream clients to you.

Imagine a red carpet, done-for-you service including complete creative direction, styling, wardrobe management and on-set management for 2 separate photographic experiences to create your entire content bank for the next year. 

Get access to Emma’s dream team and have every detail taken care of so you can simply show up and slip into the unforced rhythms of presence. Using her unconventional branding approach, (which involves sharing all the facets you’ve been keeping hidden), you will shatter the illusion of perfection and lead with alignment, which invites people to deeply trust and connect with you.