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Spirituality is my biggest business flex

POV: Spiritual women are more successful and satisfied in life, love and business.

Agree or disagree?

It probably depends on your definition of spirituality! A few years back, when I was deep in deconstruction, a good friend challenged my idea of spirituality. He said, “Emma, what makes you think you have the monopoly on truth?” 

Ooooooooffff! I am so thankful for that conversation and the raw, humbled state that I was in when I came across Brene Brown’s working definition on spirituality:

“Spirituality is recognising and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.”


Forget religious debates and different practices for a second and let’s focus on the heart of the message: Spirituality celebrates our common humanity and connection through love and it frees us from positioning ourselves at the center of everything.

Ever since I made connection and love the center of my business, it has grown astonishingly and given me a deep satisfaction, knowing that my work is an extension of my spiritual self.

Soooooooo, about those perks you mentioned?

For those of you who are all about action and want to skip to the part where you enjoy abundance, connection and contentment, here are 5 spiritual shifts that you need in your life:

1. We are born believing the world revolves around us, which is simultaneously wonderful and terrible. The self made woman is both lonely and burdened.

Spirituality makes us self aware enough to know we can draw upon a greater loving source, and drink deeply from an infinite well of support, creativity, inspiration, wonder, joy and intimacy. 

2. We all experience shame, guilt and fear because of our humanity. We protect ourselves from emotional pain by covering up who we truly are and we wear a mask.

Spirituality helps us see the false separation between us and love. It allows us to remove all pretense, knowing that our spirituality is the most expressed when our humanity is on display.

3. We learn to move through life reading the responses of others, relying on external signposts in order to be okay.

Spirituality allows us to go deep within and navigate by feel, leaving us free from status chasing, performance and judgment to find true acceptance and unconditional love.

4. We get caught up in our heads, worrying about things past and future.

Spirituality allows us to practice being present, the only place we can truly experience clarity, peace and understanding.

5. Before we truly know our true identity as unique, loveable and divine beings, we are constantly hustling for our worth, comparing and pitting ourselves against others.

Spirituality allows us to be free from competition, comparison and confusion and simply focus on being the most connected version of ourselves.


Can you imagine how your life would feel if you got those 👆🏼 5 truths deep into your core? How might you show up differently if you knew that you could find rest and freedom in your spiritual, human experience instead of hustling for your worth? 

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