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Evolve or repeat

How much have you evolved as a person in the past 5 years?

  1. Do you feel more at home in your skin?
  2. Are you aware of your patterns and triggers?
  3. How often do you experience inner peace?

When I think about evolving, I think about sharks. How they have to swim constantly to stay alive. Something about the way that they take oxygen from the water. Life is like the water, if we aren’t growing and evolving, we’re standing still and that’s no good.

If you’re a shark you die, but if you’re a human, you repeat old behaviour.

The science of evolving

We all know that our genes are inherited from our parents and these impact our traits and nature. But according to Epigenetics, how your life turns out is both nature AND nurture. This emerging area of science shows us how childhood experiences and environmental influences affect the expression of genes. That means that YOU hold the power for healthy functioning in your life. 

Do nothing, and not only will you be limited by the genes you have inherited, but the negative childhood experiences that impact the expression of those genes.

Everything you want

If you are following me, my assumption is that you want to grow. That you are motivated to experience more success, better relationships, better health, more influence and more freedom in life.

Here’s the thing: Everything you want is on the other side of discomfort.

Evolving requires us to stop focussing on outward image for a bit and go after internal growth. That means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, with making mistakes, knowing that these are the signs of growth.

It means you’re going to have to start eliminating people and practices that no longer serve your highest good.

How to start

The key to evolving is to become a student of yourself. You start by becoming ultra conscious of how you act and why you are the way you are and questioning your assumptions. 

This can get loud and can feel discouraging before you see results. But keep going, it is so worth it.

I would be enjoying the level of connection, pleasure and fulfilment as I am in my work and my personal life if I stopped when it got uncomfortable. 

Why women are scared to evolve

One of the most common things that prevents women from evolving is fear that YOUR growth and empowerment will affect your relationships.

I had one client share recently she was scared she would outgrow her partner and her marriage would suffer.

Yes you will outgrow people. Your evolution will test relationships. But in my experience, evolution is a whittling down process rather than something that sends you sideways.

You may be surprised to find that your partner has seen the true you this whole time and as you emerge a stronger and more fragrant version of yourself, there is a shared feeling of lightness and freedom.

Remember: Freedom works in both directions. The more free you get, the more free everyone around you has access to.


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