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Are you too good for us now?

I was recently called out by a colleague, someone I respect and admire in the styling industry who asked me “Are you too good for us now”?


That knocked the air out of my lungs! I felt judged, misunderstood and angry. But as I sat with the words, I realised that this was not the first time I have been accused of having a superiority complex.


  • It happened after I left my small hometown for Uni. I heard through the grapevine that the local girls were calling me a snob because I rarely came home to visit.


  • It happened after I had postnatal depression and left a church. I got an email from a girl saying I was acting like I was better than her.


Damn, she was right! When you start to see a pattern, it’s quite humbling. 


What did it mean?


On each occasion I was running away from something I felt constrained by, in search for more freedom, growth and truth. But in doing so I was also making it wrong to stay in that former situation or state. Other people could feel this superiority.


This feedback helped me discover a repressed part of myself that acts superior. That gets off on not just looking good, but better than others because deep down it fears that I am not good enough at all. 


Over the past 2 years, my pursuit of deeper work was also a judgement of this part and the styling industry as shallow.  Ironically it was my inner work that allowed me to recognise this part and not make it wrong for myself or others!


This has given me a renewed desire to help women dress beautifully, stylishly and sensually for the sheer pleasure of it. With or without inner work.


Saying that out loud feels liberating!



ADORN /əˈdɔːn/ (VERB) means to decorate or add beauty to, to make more pleasing, attractive or impressive.


The Adorn experience is a 4 week live mastercourse, for women who are out there busy doing what they do best and they’re not interested in any of the inner work but they want all my styling secrets so they can look fabulous too. Maybe you’ve already done inner work or maybe you just don’t care, either way, it’s all about giving you a glow up, taking the burden of worrying about how you look off your plate so you can just get on with doing your thing. 


You will learn how to dress to impress, (yourself and others) and let the glow up overflow into every area of your life (just as it has in mine). With multiple sessions a week, this intensive group experience is designed for busy women who want to whip their image into shape and finish out the year feeling brand new (and maybe even repositioning herself).


Adorn is officially being launched later in November, but my loyal tribe get early bird access and a pre-launch discount.

If you are ready to love how you look everyday and for that energy to overflow into your feminine expression, relationships, business/career and social media, this experience is for you.