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Why I am giving away a $2,300 Signature Style Experience

Every year I give a number of gift vouchers away at Christmas time. It has become a tradition to combat the consumption of the season with generosity. I probably would have done the same again this year.

But this year I nearly quit styling

After 7 years in business and working with thousands of women, I almost walked away from a calling I love. Covid hit, my business was deemed unessential and I questioned whether I wanted to keep going. After a period of introspection, I was led to study life coaching and saw an opportunity to combine all of the essential inner growth work with my styling services in a radically new way and the result was me creating a full transformation 8 weeks small group program The Signature Style Program.

After leading 2 groups through this program, I saw such amazing results I was blown away. The small group setting allowed for strong bonds to be formed and for members to benefit from one another’s life experiences. It also was vital in demonstrating the beauty in diversity in both substance and appearance. In short, the women I have worked with have been incredible, inspiring and each one has been characterised as a woman on the rise, open to doing all the things necessary to breakthrough in life and business. Exactly the type of client I work with.

One of the women who completed the program was Mel Watt, an incredible soul who captures women in B&W, raw photos. Without makeup. Yes, you read that right! NO MAKEUP!!! I decided I had to try this for myself. I have had many photoshoots during the course of my business, but none quite like this. In the past, clothes, hair and makeup have always been a big part of the process and final result. This time, it was all about being vulnerable and stripped back and letting people see me like that. It felt so right given the new direction my life and work were taking me.

I approached Mel to see if she would like to join forces and create an end to end transformative experience. Her yes took around 2 seconds. We have such an alignment in both our values and mission to empower women on the rise, that every step has been an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to style some of her photoshoot clients and she is photographing many of mine. I would actually count my friendship and collaboration with Mel as one of my deepest joys to come out of covid.

Win a Signature Style Experience

The competition is open from 3 November 2020 until 15 December 2020 and is open to Australian residents of SE Queensland aged 18 and over. The total prize pool is valued at $2,340 AUD.

What do you get?

The Signature Style Experience is a complete image and mindset makeover worth over $2,300! Your fabulous prize includes my 8-week Signature Style Program, a 1:1 style coaching session and 2.5-hour Empowering Portrait Experience with Mel Watt Photography and to commemorate your inside out transformation, you’ll receive 3 stunning prints from your photoshoot to keep. Everything you need to look good and feel better!

Is it for you?

We are on a mission to help women on the rise. We want you to feel better in the skin you’re in, better in clothes you love, better aligned with who you are & better equipped to succeed.  In other words, you have to be ready to dig deep, willing to do the work and open to the transformation process. We have used our signature style strategy to help over 500 women experience wholistic transformation and go on to incredible successes & satisfaction in their lives. If you a ripe for change, you are the type of woman we want to win!

How to enter?

Head over to the competition page and enter your details, answering the question “How can I help you look good and feel better?”

Do it now 

There are only a few days left until we select a winner so if you are feeling that tingle deep down right now and you’re not sure if it is excitement or fear or both, that is the sign you need to enter.  If you know a woman who needs this in her life, be sure to share this opportunity with her too.