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Why we need more women in leadership

My entire life, I have been curious about the patterns and systems which control human behaviour and relationships. 

As a young woman, I observed patriarchy in action but could not understand why women were excluded from decision making and actively prevented from exercising personal power.

After 15+ years of working in advocacy, in law and with women, I have accepted my role as a leader. 

But what I’ve been reflecting on lately is that it’s not enough to just be a leader, my call is to raise up other women for leadership. Specifically YOU.

How to start your leadership journey

I’ll admit, I was a slow starter. And that’s because I had so much of my own healing and inner work to do first. The first rule of leadership is that self leadership is a prerequisite to good leadership. 

Self leadership is the ability to understand yourself, your identity, your needs, your motivations, your strengths and weaknesses and your life purpose. It requires the skills of being self aware, able to regulate your emotions and your nervous system and to be fully embodied and aligned. 

It’s only in the process of leading your own life, that you gain the ability to deeply influence and lead others, to take them on a journey of becoming. 

Whether in your family, community, the marketplace or political arena, leadership is never a position of superiority or dominance, but of service. 

We have seen the damaging effects of poor leadership. We have felt its effects as they trickle down into our homes, our relationships, our mental health, our body image, our bank balance and every crevice of our being.

If we truly want to see change in our lifetime, or our children’s, we must challenge the idea that women are not equipped for leadership and we must systematically work to remove all active blocks from women being in all places where decisions are being made. Some of these inhibitors are legal and public, but so many of them are private, internal, psychological,  domestic and relational. 

Whatever you are doing in life right now, whether you run a business or a household,  whether you are employed or an employer, I encourage you to see yourself as a leader.

To approach your family life with a view to leading yourself first and then the people around you. Speak up about your needs and vision and allocate the time and resources to small changes.


If you feel called to leadership but you currently struggle with managing your boundaries, your emotions and getting your needs met in relationships I invite you to work with me.  I have dedicated my business to activating female leaders and have created a body of work around the internal, embodied and outer workings required to step into that role.

I will be opening up applications for Woman of Influence in the coming months and I also have an exciting short course offering for women with a personal brand (stay tuned for the announcement).

If you are ready to step into powerfully feminine leadership and want to accelerate the process and increase the ROI, get in touch today and get your name on the waitlist.