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Whats blocking your success

What are you scared of?


When I started to do inner work I discovered that I had a fear of rejection. 


I was so deathly afraid of being rejected that I attracted it- from guys, girls and social cliques. I didn’t know why and it hurt so effing bad.


To add insult to injury, I realised that my fear was blocking intimacy and stunting the growth of my business.


Ouch right!?


I remember painstakingly wording texts to friends to avoid them saying no:  “I will be heading there at 8pm if you’re in the area.”


At the root of my fear was a subconscious belief that being vulnerable wasn’t safe.


I have always been fiercely independent, I grew up fast and became a strong, decisive, handle anything kinda girl.


For the most part this was a positive- people were impressed by my confidence and steely resolve and it was helpful especially whilst I was pursuing a career and establishing myself in the world.


But at a certain point, the very thing that worked, became a ceiling.   


When coping mechanisms become painful


It was well into my entrepreneurship journey when I noticed the correlation between my fear of rejection and blocks in my business growth. My inability to be fully vulnerable or dependent on other people meant:

  • I couldn’t share my unique ideas freely
  • I often felt lonely and inadequate because I didn’t network so I assumed everyone else was doing just fine
  • I was scared to make offers or to sell and was passive and played small


It also showed up with my personal life, blocking me from experiencing deeper intimacy and trust with my partner.


My healing path led me to build my own radically inclusive community and to intentionally reach out, befriend and support women who are arguably my competition. This is exactly how my business has prospered.


Your turn


Your fear might not be rejection. Maybe it’s making mistakes, having needs, being inadequate, being too much, being emotional, trusting or asserting yourself. Whatever the fear, inner work is what helps transmute your pain into power.


Let me be clear- It’s not one size fits all, but the individualised growth pathway I use is tried and tested and has worked for hundreds and hundreds of women.


Just like me:

  • The key to your wildly successful and satisfying life is buried in your deepest fear  
  • The thing stopping you from coming alive in fulfilling and rewarding work requires you to feel and release your deepest pain
  • The secret to transforming your relationships from dull and lacklustre to refreshing and exhilarating is already inside of you.


Isn’t that wonderful? You don’t have to wait for something to change out there in your external circumstances. You can start to live the life you desire, today.


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