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We are true mirrors

PHOTO: ‘Renew’ by Chad Knight



How much energy do we spend trying to change our circumstances to feel better, only to find the same situation arise in another form!?


As humans, we tend to focus on what’s not working on the outside and try to fix it. But what would happen if we shifted our attention to what was happening inside and took care of that first?

In my experience, everything starts to line up on the outside. 

This is because our outer world is but a reflection of our inner selves. This universal truth captured in the saying “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” which teaches us that the physical mirrors the spiritual, just as the universe and our surroundings mirror what we believe inside.

This is why our relationship with ourselves is so important.

If you don’t like something in your life, your relationships or your work, these are invitations to go inward and find the source of the obstacle. 

It will always be found inside of you. 

The more you hold onto this truth, the more powerful you will become at creating a new reality. 

Identity image alignment is the embodiment of “as within so without” and my work powerfully teaches you how to use your mirror to create a better reality. 


True mirrors

Our relationships with other people are also mirrors. They hold endless possibilities for awareness, growth and love.

We are always attracting people into our lives that reveal and expose us, allowing us to see things in ourselves we might otherwise miss. The closer the relationship, the clearer the mirror. 

If you are not content in your relationships, (romantic or platonic or somewhere in between) it helps to understand our relationships as mirrors, not vehicles to complete us or make us happy.

The universe is always providing us with experiences that allow us to break out of old patterns of self protection and fear and usher in freedom and love. 

This is what makes relationships so powerfully transformative. 


The Transforming Love Show 


We are wired to share, receive and experience love. It is perhaps the meaning of life itself. But because of the painful experiences we have had, we create barriers that prevent us from fully experiencing it.

The journey home to love is one of connecting with the untamed parts of ourselves, laying down our defences and finding the courage to connect with others 

I am humbled to be one of the speakers at The Transforming Love Show, a free online summit starting October 10th, where twenty-one experts will guide you by sharing their knowledge and experience with you.

We will teach you how to take bold, practical actions to create the life of your dreams and heal the hurts of your past.

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