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Waking the wild woman

What’s your calling?

I am on a mission to activate women to rise up into their calling. Whether you want to launch or grow a business, drive your career in a new direction, or you want to create lasting legacy in family or community, we ALL have something great inside of us that the world needs. 


My gift is being able to mirror it back to you and accelerate the process.


If you close your eyes for a minute and place your hand on your heart and your womb, ask yourself…

  • What type of impact do you want your life to have?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How could your life experiences enrich others?


What’s stopping you?

In my experience, there are 3 barriers that get in the way of women self actualising (reaching their full potential):

  1. Fear of being wrong and a need to stay safe and avoid other people’s judgement or criticisms.
  2. Feeling like you need to wait for permission to act and getting stuck in the status quo.
  3. Not wanting to explore the deeper parts of yourself because you fear it will be painful.


The answer to all of these blockages is to enter into a safe space and get the guidance you need to step into the drivers seat of your life so you can start to take responsibility for the direction you’re taking, the impact you’re having and the legacy you’re creating.


Awaken the Wild Woman Masterclass

In my upcoming free masterclass, I will be teaching 3 shifts you can make to step into purpose driven leadership, starting with your own life and having ripple effects on those around you.


This is for emergent leaders as well as those who are already established in their calling. If you feel the niggling of wanting to have more ownership over your future, wanting to make a difference, being painfully aware of things that aren’t right and wanting to contribute to a better society, this is for you.


There is no shortage of need for your unique gifts, skills and the heart and soul they’re wrapped up in. You have everything you need to make a difference- you just have to take the next step.   

Join me at the Masterclass and find out how. Register now.