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Wait, what?

The coaching industry tends to get a bad wrap. Completely unregulated, there are bound to be outlaws- in it for the wrong reasons, with no accountability, perhaps running from their own struggles. After interacting with a few of these rogues and sensing the territorial, competitive energy, I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to find my tribe here. 

Which set the stage beautifully for me to meet my people. 

Meet Rudi and Jen, founding members of CCC (Coaches Celebrating Coaches). Rudi an authenticity coach, working with women who’ve lost their sparkle. Jen a conscious life coach and women’s empowerment mentor.  Both magnetically authentic and adept at holding space and seeing beneath the facade. 


I recognised them instantly as my people because they oozed warmth and hospitality, eyes full of kindness and connection. Though we were technically in competition with one another, they were completely undaunted by my strengths, accomplishments and business, in fact, if anything, they were energised by them. Over the past few years they have not only been my biggest champions but more so, they have become friends.


Over a decadent degustation dinner in a private room at the Emporium Southbank, we laughed, cried and held hands as our vision spilled out. 


The theme was celebration. Embracing a culture of celebration and collaboration over competition and opposition. 


So welcome to Coaches Celebrating Coaches. A place where there is no competition, only abundance. There is truly enough for everyone. Where no one has to go it alone. Where we are excited and energised by one another’s successes, ideas and growth. 


You are invited to join us.


Stay tuned for the next event.  


Emma x