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There’s a hole in my bucket

This may come as a shock to you but the way you see the world is inaccurate- a limited perspective which is heavily distorted by your formative experiences. 

Think about it: You are just ONE person out of 7.9 BILLION. How could we all possibly be right?

Back in my courtroom days, there was a clear cut way of proving the truth.  Evidence. Proven facts using unbiased verifiable information. The judge could strike anything from the record which was hearsay (repeating something you’ve been told) or opinion evidence (unless you’re an expert witness of course).

Most of us look at ourselves and the world around us as though we have truth when what we have is at best, opinion or hearsay.

The benefit of multiple perspectives

Are you just realising that this might be affecting you?

That’s okay. Your life is about to get easier and your efforts more fruitful- Recognising multiple perspectives (that is, be able to hold your own truth whilst accepting that other people are having a very different experience than you) is crucial to success and satisfaction.

But it requires you to step outside of the right and wrong paradigm 
(ouch right!?) and stop trying to control other people and instead, connect with them where they’re at (Some might even call that love!)

If this sounds too hard for you, I get it, it’s a lot! But if you are sick and tired of being stuck in the same holding patterns… there are amazing perks if you’re willing to spend some time in reflection with the right guidance.

Understanding the problem

Your perception whilst unique, is not random. It was formed in your childhood (subconsciously) layer by layer. In adulthood, we like to think of ourselves as rational open minded people. But without intervention, our brain just keeps filtering out information which doesn’t support what we already believe is true.

If you’ve never unpacked your identity, you could easily mistake your perspective as the truth because our thoughts and feelings feel so real. But actually, you’re seeing things through a lens. The transformational results I get for my clients are in helping them become aware of their own lens and see how they’re actually creating their own reality.

If you want a different reality, you have to be willing to give up your lens as the truth!

We are motivated by our perceived lack

Did you realise that 99% of your choices, goals and aspirations come from your own perception of lack.

Are you currently wanting:

  • a better body?
  • to be more successful?
  • to grow your brand?
  • to be promoted?
  • to feel like you belong?
  • to earn more money?
  • to be well known?

None of these things are inherently bad but you need to ask yourself WHY you want them?

It’s likely linked to an Identity Wound:

A painful core belief impacting your sense of safety, connectedness and significance to yourself and others, resulting in an ongoing perception of lack.


How Identity Work helps

The reality is that we all have identity wounds. But until you address them, no matter how much time, money or effort you pour into a goal, or even if you achieve that goal, you are a leaky bucket -Your situation may change but your self-perception won’t.

Identity work helps you plug that leak so you can identify your legitimate needs and wants from those caused by identity wounds. It also helps you move beyond yourself and your own problems to connect with the collective (Hello change makers and legacy brands!!).

They say less than 2% of people ever transcend themselves to reach that place of true service, but with our current population, that is up to 158 million people!!

Could you be one of them?

If you’re done playing small, staying stuck in your story and you want to discover what lies beyond yourself- it’s time to take action and book your free transformation strategy call with me today.