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Tapping into the collective

Ever had a moment where you sat in your car, or bed, or the toilet and just cried because you felt so heavy with emotion? 

In the moment, it feels all consuming. And that’s because all of the details seem perfectly tailored to you, your insecurities and past pain. It is obvious that it’s YOU who is the weak link and the cause of all your suffering. This can feel very isolating and discouraging and keep you stuck for too long.

I’ve had many of these moments in my life and along the way, I started to realise that they were not exclusive to me. It was as if I was tapping into some underground reservoir of universal suffering and damage. Yes, I was experiencing it through my own lens, but it wasn’t my creation. 


That alone allowed me perspective to engage differently. In working with thousands of women over the years, I have identified the common themes that effect all women at some stage of their growth journey:

  • Shame & unworthiness
  • Disconnection & loneliness
  • Safety and relationships
  • Guilt & fear
  • Identity & direction 
  • Self determination and freedom 

Can you think of any more? Let me know in the FB group.

These themes are the roots of all our suffering, limitations and struggles. Of comparison and competition.  They are leveraged to keep women separated and silenced.

Ask yourself what you are struggling with at the moment, in your relationships, in your career or within yourself and I guarantee you that it started with one of these themes. 

We can choose to bury them, numb ourselves and soldier on, or we can expose them and rise above them. This is how we find purpose to our pain and what allows us to use our experiences to serve others.


This is why I am kicking off March with a free 3 day challenge, which is actually an advanced masterclass designed to bring about an identity shift and powerful expansion in all areas of your life. 

3 days with 3 powerful activations to connect you with your identity, body and purpose. 

We have centuries of conditioning to shake off and we are going to do it together! Together we change, together we rise. Together, we take up space. 

When we have a chance to share our stories, we bond and unite. When we are safe in community, we thrive. When we know our worth, we expand.


I am inviting women from all walks of life to experience the transformative power of collective change.  

Join me and the many women who have already committed to the challenge and sign up now on my website.

This challenge will be a sample of the work I do inside the Woman of Influence immersion experience- which starts in just 3 weeks! Come ready to do the work and reap the rewards.

Oh, and if you have women in your life that you care about, invite them too.