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Tag: transformation

Woman of Influence

Part 2: Self Abandonment

So you have noticed a pattern… You often ignore your own needs for the sake of others’ and is impacting your health, your relationships and probably indirectly your finances…  Client story When I started working …

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Why we need more women in leadership

My entire life, I have been curious about the patterns and systems which control human behaviour and relationships.  As a young woman, I observed patriarchy in action but could not understand why women were excluded …

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Style Upgrade

Baby steps

  Do you feel a bit meh about getting dressed these days? Maybe you used to have it figured out but things changed and you no longer like getting dressed each day.  You’re not too …

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Style Upgrade

First class baby!

  I bet you’re tired. Not just physically, but emotionally. From holding everything together and wishing things were different than they are.  You know what I’m talking about: Maybe you’re not satisfied with the way …

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How successful are you? Wildly? Enviably? Undeniably? How successful do you want to be? When my partner and I were dating, he tried to teach me to surf. As I was trying to paddle out, …

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Are you emotionally fluent?

Everyday, we experience numerous emotions but how many can you name? 3 is the national average.  87 is the number that defines what it means to be human. 32 is how many we need to …

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Inner work

Death and rebirth

In nature, death is an essential part of life. The cycle of new life depends on other organisms dying and making way. It happens every day and this rugged reality is what makes life so …

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You are the Jewels

  What is your favourite gemstone? I just bought myself a smokey quartz ring and I adore it. I bought it as a reminder of a beautiful vision I received recently. My vision I was …

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