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Tag: Self value

Woman of Influence

Part 1: Self Abandonment

→ It’s a Friday night and you’ve come home from a long exhausting work week. A friend texts you complaining about her partner and despite wanting a quiet night in, you agree to meet her …

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Why we need more women in leadership

My entire life, I have been curious about the patterns and systems which control human behaviour and relationships.  As a young woman, I observed patriarchy in action but could not understand why women were excluded …

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Energy Vampires

  We’ve all been there… that friend, family member, or acquaintance who literally zaps your emotional energy.   These people are known as Energy Vampires– people who feed off your good, loving, compassionate energy but with …

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The satisfaction of your feminine flow

Have you ever been doing something where you felt so entirely wrapped up at the moment, so completely absorbed and enjoying what you were doing that you lost track of time? This is called flow …

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Why are women scared of getting older?

A common belief in present-day western culture is that women become less valuable as they age. People might not say it, but scratch the surface of comments made about “mutton dressed as lamb” and being …

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