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Tag: self-love

Woman of Influence

Part 1: Self Abandonment

→ It’s a Friday night and you’ve come home from a long exhausting work week. A friend texts you complaining about her partner and despite wanting a quiet night in, you agree to meet her …

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Why we need more women in leadership

My entire life, I have been curious about the patterns and systems which control human behaviour and relationships.  As a young woman, I observed patriarchy in action but could not understand why women were excluded …

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Spirituality is my biggest business flex

POV: Spiritual women are more successful and satisfied in life, love and business. Agree or disagree? It probably depends on your definition of spirituality! A few years back, when I was deep in deconstruction, a …

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Energy Vampires

  We’ve all been there… that friend, family member, or acquaintance who literally zaps your emotional energy.   These people are known as Energy Vampires– people who feed off your good, loving, compassionate energy but with …

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How body neutrality is failing you

In your search for acceptance, healing and self-love, you may have come across body positivity and body neutrality movements. Both had their place in helping women overcome the damage of objectification and sexualisation of our …

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Why I am giving away a $2,300 Signature Style Experience

Every year I give a number of gift vouchers away at Christmas time. It has become a tradition to combat the consumption of the season with generosity. I probably would have done the same again …

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