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Sounds like a cult

The upside of being born into a cult is that understanding power dynamics is a survival tactic- In any given space, you know who has the most power in the room, what they expect of you and what you have to do to stay safe.


Without realising it you become insanely good at spotting manipulation, coercion tactics and people with control issues like they were neon lights.



Having been in business over a decade now, I’ve noticed how many business tactics feel equally cult-ish in how they go about getting the sale and making money:

  • Fear tactics – “If you don’t have this then you will never” 
  • False scarcity – “Don’t miss out! Only X spots left”
  • Undue pressure – Using your emotional pain points as buying pressure.


For obvious reasons, I will never run my business like this.



These methods unknowingly activate your stress response, trigger past trauma and coerce outcomes. They might make money short term, but they will never get lasting results because the entire exchange is built on fear:

  • Your decision to buy is not made freely
  • There is no trust built through transparency
  • Transformation cannot occur in the absence of relational safety.


When you’re in the business of transformation and empowerment, there is NO WAY you can serve clients like this.  Transformation can only happen when you feel safe in a relationship.


Any outcome will be superficial at best, but more likely, the client will end up blaming themselves for not getting a result they were promised and be set back further in their journey than when they began. 


Have you ever signed up for something that promised you the world only to leave you feeling inadequate and ashamed? It’s not your fault.


The truth is that their business was never about serving you, it was about trying to fill the gaping identity wound they have with achievement/making money.



I am proud to run a business that is built on a culture of truth, safety and freedom and is STILL successful and I teach my clients how to do the same. This is a truly sustainable business model with organic sales and magnetic marketing- Your authentic self!


When you take the time to do the work and turn your pain into power, everything you create will bring expansiveness and abundance- Not just in business but in relationships too.



If you want to build a life, income and legacy from your whole, healed self, this is your reminder that applications for the next round of Woman of Influence are now officially opened and the experience will be kicking off on September 22nd. 


It is a small group, so there are genuinely only limited spaces, but if you feel ready, moved or intrigued, I encourage you to book a transformation strategy call to see if this is a good fit for you.