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Signature Style Program

The Signature Style Program is a 10 week coaching experience which allows you rediscover excitement and freedom in you and your style. Our 8 pillars to transformation help align your appearance with your substance and find your Signature Style based on your inner most wiring and goals, not just your body.

By the end of the program; you will believe in yourself more; you will appreciate your body in a new way; you will stop wasting time standing on front of the wardrobe trying things on every morning; you will stop feeling flat and frumpy; you will stop buying clothes that don’t do you justice; you will learn how to look and feel amazing at any age, size or shape.

Unlike other courses, you don’t just get the workbook and go it alone. This is a group experience, shared with likeminded women, which means you have accountability and get better results. You will make lasting connections as you learn from one another, bounce ideas around and celebrate each another’s uniqueness. The weekly online group coaching session often overflows into the private FB group and by the end of the program an in-person celebration is in order.

The program includes 10 x 90 minute live mindset & image group coaching sessions, the Signature Style workbook, additional worksheets and resources, access to a private FB group and upon completion of the program, you will have a 90 minute 1:1 coaching session to activate your Signature Style Strategy.

Guarantee: If by the end of the program, if you don’t feel more confident, have a better body image and feel more excited about your style, I will work with you for free, until you do.

*provided you show up, do the work and engage to your fullest.

The course runs for 3 months.



signature style experience

By the end of the program, you will want to celebrate your transformation. Why not choose an Empowering Portrait Experience with Mel Watt Photography? Mel specialises in raw, authentic black and white portraits that celebrate the skin you’re in.

This experience includes:

  • Pre-shoot styling and wardrobe consultation with Emma;
  • Pre consultation with Mel plus digital preparation guide;
  • 2.5 hour B&W make-up free photo shoot with 3 outfit changes;
  • A transformation reveal session; and
  • Two (2) 7×10 inch printed photographs and matching digital files.

Valued at $1135, however exclusively for SSP participants, you can add it on for only $500, that is more than 50% off!

I had heard of some of the concepts, even studied some at university, but I had never seen them brought together in a way that gave me a full picture of myself like this. I now have a deeper understanding of my personality and am aware of when I am stressed vs when I am thriving. This insight helps me to manage my emotions better. I also now see my body as a miracle instead of a vessel, detached from ‘me’ and holding me back. The other great thing about the course content is that even though it is a deep, personal thing, it also appeals to my logical, intellectual side, making it easier for me to integrate into my understanding of myself and the world.
Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 12.14.59 pm
As a working artist, I am deeply aware of the power of visual communication but I had always been so caught up with my work, I never thought to apply it to my own image. I got so much out of the program, every week was mind blowing! One of the hugest changes for me was the confidence to do more public speaking at gallery exhibitions and events. It was the understanding of my personality and knowing my style was on point that have helped me find my voice alongside my art.
Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 12.24.43 pm
I used to feel all over the shop because I have all these different parts of my life. I am a mother, a teacher and have a handmade earring business on the side and I felt limited and divided in how I showed up in each role. Meeting and working with Emma has literally been a dividing moment in time for me. There is a BE/AE (before Emma & after Emma). I now know it is possible to be the person I want to be all the time. The program has helped me discover so much about myself, like how I had been suppressing my full impact and trying to squeeze myself in a box of other people’s expectations. I now have more confidence to set boundaries, be intentional and to speak up when I need to. It is also helping me show up as the same person in all areas of my life. I have noticed I am starting to apply these learnings to my business too. Overall, the program has made me feel empowered to be an amazing mum and have a life and goals outside of that too.
I am blown away by how much I gained: Connection with myself and the beautiful group of women that I am journeying with. I am now so much more confident and sure of who I am and I understand why I react in the ways that I do. Also, for the first time in my life am realising that my beauty is not defined by the world but comes from within and is defined by me! This has helped me break out of restraints that have held me captive for so long and like “the very hungry caterpillar,” am emerging as a beautiful butterfly!!
I loved exploring all the layers that make me unique, like my personality. The enneagram was ming blowing. I also loved learning to reflect who I am on the outside through aligned personal style. Learning the elements that make up style and the practical steps are already helping me express myself more. I have gained so much self acceptance because I now have a deeper understanding of my values, core identity and personality. I also learned to see my body not as purely functional, but giving space to delight in, listening deeply, and embracing the knowledge she holds.
I loved how the program allowed me to fully take charge of my life. I discovered that the relationship I have with myself is the most important one in my life. I learned so much about myself but was surprised by how easy it was to apply the steps. Let’s just say I like me a little more then I did before I started this program and I am capable of being the person I want to be. I felt good doing the program because of the group dynamic- It was amazing having the other women who were seeking growth too and feeling connected. I am actually sad that the group has ended!