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Praise 2

The colour consult was an excellent affirmation for me as I found that my wardrobe mostly reflected my colour profile already. I loved finding out my version of black, as I had no idea how unflattering it could be on some skin tones. I also discovered that I could pull off the wrong colours that made me happy as long I wore the right colours closer to my face with the right accessories.




I recently shot an advertisement for USQ and used the colour advice you gave me. I chose Navy instead of Black and I love how the colour of the dress works with my hair and skin tone too. Thank you Emma! VIKI

After having my second baby I decided it was time to start looking after me. I was tired and felt as though I had lost my sense of self through what seemed like endless crying and sleepless nights! Emma helped me rediscover my own unique style and also taught me new ways to dress and present myself to enhance my best features. I learnt my ideal hemlines / cuts to achieve balance and proportion with my body shape. I learn about makeup, my face shape and how even sunglasses shape and hair styles can make a huge difference with how I look. At the end of the day as a busy mum I don’t have the time to walk aimlessly around shopping centres anymore. The mummy refresh has helped me be more discerning with what I purchase which ultimately saves money, time and has made me feel more satisfied buying items which make me look good! Emma was very encouraging throughout the entire session and she was more than happy to answer any of my questions. She has given me new perspective and drive to look after myself again and be the best me I can. Thank you Emma!
Having grown up in hand-me-downs and homemade clothes, I had always thought of clothes as just practical and had never worried much how I looked when I left the house. I have been some huge changes in the last year and I decided it was time to learn how to express the real me. The Style Consultation helped me express my personality. I learned how to mix and match outfits, I learned about every aspect of my style including shoes and jewellery. I can see how the advice works whether you have a strict budget or no limits. For someone who never spent much time investing in myself or preparing myself to go out of the house, I have a newfound confidence and to feel like am displaying my self in the best, truest way. The whole experience was very liberating and I finally feel (and look) fabulous. Thank you Emma.
Being a self-declared ‘shopaphobe,’ my style session was exactly what I needed to overcome my wardrobe insecurities. I’ve been given tools to dress up or down whilst staying true to my style and found my personal wardrobe capsule Emma created for me, an invaluable tool. I feel more confident heading out to the shops! I walk a bit taller in my outfits now, knowing that my everyday style suits my lifestyle. Emma’s manner and humility in coming alongside me was uplifting, encouraging and affirming. The session has been a game changer to my day to day life, and I’m am excited about my style journey ahead!
Thank you so very much for coming and speaking to our group. We all learned something new, and I particularly enjoyed that you understood us and our changing bodies, as well as our needs! I will definitely be recommending you in the future, Thanks so much!!
I was nervous about coming away from the session feeling worried that I had made poor style choices in the past. But now I feel able to be my best me, without it needing to be through a lower top or shorter skirt! Thank you! You certainly have a gift!
I had my colours done today and it was awesome! So professional. It’s going to be so great to go shopping and know what colours to go for and even what shades of makeup suit me. I really enjoyed the session 🙂 thanks!
I really enjoyed learning about my Style Personality and also I learned that I have a nice nail shape!
Before I came to my styling session, I literally was a mother of (then) 4 kids who spent a lot of time getting everyone else in my family ready leaving myself only a few minutes to throw on some clothes, run a brush through my hair & grab whatever I could find in my wardrobe to chuck on. My dress sense was pretty much non-existent & I basically wore what I could “fit” even though I desperately wanted to learn how to dress myself so that I looked & felt good about myself. Meeting Emma was amazing, our session was thorough & so insightful & really showed me what types of styles suited my body shape & size. I was actually quite shocked to find that the styles that I had always loved & wished that I could wear but always thought were “not for me” were actually a lot of what suited me & my body shape. I came away from my session with Emma feeling encouraged, inspired & was given a new outlook on life when it came to dressing myself & feeling confident in the way that I looked, Emma is AMAZING!!! Not only does she 110% know what she is talking about, she is such a lovely person who made me feel so comfortable & worthy of giving myself the time to make myself feel & look good. Cannot brag on or thank Emma enough for what she did for & showed me….so grateful!!