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Oh baby it’s a wild world


I may be a 41 year old woman, but inside me, there is an 8 year old girl.

This morning I was transported back in time. I see myself in my mind’s eye as a younger me. She is scared, she feels lonely, rejected and unimportant. 

Some might call these Daddy issues. Others might brush off the vision as imagination and carry on. But I know that this is my inner child.

So I ask her what she needs. Turns out, she just wanted to sit in the car and cry achingly listening to Cat Steven’s “Wild World.” Then call her Dad and bathe herself in the familiar sound of his voice. Right now she is sleeping on my couch, oblivious to the “work” I have in front of me. 

She just wanted to know that she was seen and heard and safe.

I needed to meet her needs.

But do you know what happens if I skip over this step?

I make decisions and assessments about adult things through the lens of this 8 year old girl, who feels ignored and unsupported.  

  • I feel scared to put myself out there. 
  • My nervous system is off kilter and vulnerable.
  • I snap at my kids and feel overwhelmed by all their problems. 
  • I see myself and my business efforts as not good enough.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is a child within who needs love and acceptance.  Needs not met in childhood are just as strong in adulthood- they are just expertly camouflaged. Dressed up with logic and reason. Accessorised with thoughts and strong ‘justifiable’ feelings.

And they are affecting your relationships, your decision making and your bottom line. 

If you have never heard of inner child healing before, it is truly one of the most gentle and rewarding parts of the work I do. It is self love on a whole other level. It brings emotional healing, expanded thinking and embodied potency. 

Because as well as an inner child, we are also our own loving parent, able to make ourselves whole by accepting every part of who we are and meeting all our needs.

This is the work of Women of Influence.

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