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Low battery mode

Have you ever gone out and then your phone tells you it’s only got 20% battery?

Pretty soon, it drops to 10% and its in Low Power mode and the screen goes dull, Hey Siri is gone and it’s no longer fetching mail.


This is how trauma impacts our capacity

You can be high functioning and still be held back by unprocessed trauma! I see this in my clients in a distorted sense of identity. Since they have already built a life, career/business and image, it shows up as a preoccupation with:

  • Being right / competent
  • Being seen as successful
  • Getting others approval
  • Staying safe
  • Avoiding intimacy / being controlled
  • Avoiding confrontation   


Trauma is not just for victims of warm, natural disasters or abuse. 


Trauma is any event or circumstances that overwhelms a person’s resources to cope and disrupts their sense of safety, perceptions of control and the ability to self-regulate.  

No matter how perfect our parents were, as children we will inevitably experience some kind of trauma. 


Trauma gets stored in our somatic memory and it impacts our stress response and sense of safety.


As an adult, any time we experience something new, unexpected, we feel out of control or our sense of self is threatened, the trauma remerges, limiting our full capacity. 


It’s like walking around with low battery.

Do you want to get your battery back to full charge?


Just like you can plug your phone into charge, you can increase your ability to connect, achieve and enjoy your life, by releasing the stored energy of trauma.


In fact, if you are a purpose driven woman, you can’t afford not to!


Until you release trauma from the body, you’re working harder than you have to

It’s likely that you will struggle with:

  • Impulse control
  • Emotional regulation (numbness, mood swings, irritability, fear of vulnerability etc)
  • Memory and cognition
  • Sleep, immunity, digestion, back, stomach or neck pain, 
  • Anxiety, depression, 
  • Decision making
  • Dissociation from body


One of the biggest shifts I get for my clients is in helping them integrate their trauma in their core identity so they can create, achieve and build from a place of bodily safety and peace. This is a game changer because they can now face new, unexpected situations without their sense of identity being threatened and without needing to expend energy on self protection. These people are able to function at the HIGHEST CAPACITY POSSIBLE.


This is all invisible work with massive tangible results!


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