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Life’s not all rainbows and lollipops

I know you know this, but we don’t feel excited, inspired and blissful all the time. We also experience worry, overwhelm, disappointment and sadness. So why when we feel these “negative” emotions, do we feel like we are failing somehow?

We look at other people and their instagram life and think to ourselves” what am I doing wrong?” 

Let me tell you a secret that many people don’t realise

Life is 50/50. Good things happen. So do shitty things. It’s all part of being human. 

Research has identified 7 universal emotions that define the human experience: happy, sad, bad, angry, afraid, disgust, & surprise.

Being human means we are going to experience all of these (and the gazillion variations).

Here’s the trick- the more we accept both our “positive” and “negative” emotions, knowing they are normal and healthy, the quicker we can release them and get back to enjoying the moods that we want to experience more of.

If we believe that we should only experience “positive” emotions all the time, it actually creates more suffering. By fighting or ignoring “negative” emotions it creates more resistance which adds frustration, fear and worry and keeps you stuck. 

Want my secret?

So I have a practical hack which will help you release and alchemise heavy feelings… and it’s not therapy!

Adorn yourself 

Through the act of intentional dressing, you can reconnect with your body, tune into your emotions and select clothing that honours your inner experience, lifts your mood and helps you set intentions for the day.

How does it work? Colours, lines, shapes, patterns and textures all hold energy (Just think about the difference between wearing red and green!). In the ADORN Master Course, one of the things that you will learn to do is to express how you’re feeling AND raise your vibrations simply through your personal style. 

You also get to look freaking amazing in the process!

Want in?

ADORN starts THIS week! Places are filling and if you have hung around me this long, thinking one day you’ll do a style and colour session with me… let me tell you- ADORN is that and more!

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What fashion will never tell you, is that when you learn style strategically, you get to dress emotionally.