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I bet you would look good in a cape

Did you realise that you had a superpower?

Seriously, cape or no cape, you have a way of seeing the world and interacting with it, that gives you super abilities.

Yes you still wake up with morning breath and you need to put in a little effort, but with a clear vision and the right strategy, you could take your powers and change the world in the most you way and get paid for it!

So how do you discover your superpower? (Without being a people-watching nerd like me who has studied every single personality test under the sun?!)

I made you a quiz as part of the launch for my new business, brand and website. (On that note, have you had a stalk yet? Seriously, head on over to and tell me what you think!)

I give you the Discover your Superpower quiz.

Self-awareness is worth its weight in gold and as Vironika Tugaleva said:

“To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do.”

Sometimes, not realising how differently you see the world, is what stops you from fully using and valuing your gifts and getting paid for them.

What will you learn? The quiz will reveal your superpower archetype- how you are wired to connect, lead and make an impact.

But first, it will read your diary… not the stuff about that boy you used to like… but the habits, beliefs and emotions that you are most driven by… A side of fear, shame or anger anyone?

Not to worry though, it ends on a high note and gives you practical strategies you can implement straight away to grow your soul and your income.

And the good news is, it only takes 3 minutes.

Take the quiz now- Discover your Superpower!

Make sure you share results with me over to the FB group – I want to see exactly what type of superwomen we have in our sisterhood!

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