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How to tap into the sacred

We all know how important it is to feed ourselves good food but how does the way we get dressed each day impact our wellbeing?


In the past 14 years, I have experienced 2 distinct ways of getting dressed each day:

  1. Putting on clothes haphazardly thinking “it’ll do” and dressing to get by or cover up; or
  2. Consciously adorning myself with carefully selected clothes, jewelry and perfume as a daily self love ritual.

These 2 approaches are light years apart!

One is a product of survival mode, comes with feelings of inadequacy and minimizes self worth.

The other is a celebration, a demonstration of thriving, that taps into sacred power, beauty and feminine expression.

Your Daily ritual

If you are ready to shift out of survival, or maybe you already have but it hasn’t shown up yet in your physical reality, I want to help you enjoy the daily ritual of adorning yourself: 

  • To create a nourishing experience where you feel affirmed and reminded of who you are. 
  • To set up your sacred space so you can tune into your body, senses and needs. 
  • To set powerful intentions each morning and support those by knowing which items, colours, fabrics and patterns will make your soul soar and your features radiate.

If you’re ready to make magic together, ADORN is the experience that will take you from feeling drab to fab in just 4 weeks. After our 8 sessions, you’ll leave with:

  • Tools to start dressing like the superstar you are.
  • Knowledge to express yourself with colours and styles that work with every delicious curve on your body
  • Newfound confidence in dressing up and being the leading lady of your life 
  • Your signature look using clothes you already have and a clear idea on what you could add to amplify your style 
  • Practical steps to turn your dreams into a reality. 

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This is everything you would learn from a 1:1 style, colour and wardrobe consult and then some plus it’s more fun and only a fraction of the price!

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Join me for a sacred celebration of you and your beautiful, powerful expression.