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How are you growing?

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Wherever you are and whatever you are discovering in life right now… is more than okay. We are each on our own journey and it is not a competition. This is actually part of being in community with each other.


I just want to remind you that even though we all grow at different rates, our root system is still intertwined.


It feels like we have been having a 1-sided conversation for so long and I really would love to hear from you what is going on in your life. I have 3 questions for you:

Thank you for responding. These questions will serve as both a check in for you and will help me to understand you so I can create life giving new offers that will deep dive into specific areas and I want to make them as accessible and rewarding as possible.


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If you are a member of our Woman of Influence connection, you will notice we have gone on vacation until next year. Instead, you are invited to join in the intimate conversation going on Behind the Screens on Telegram.  Message me if you would like the link to join. 


Keep your eyes peeled for 2 new offers between now and the end of the year.

May you feel empowered and encouraged in the driver’s seat of your life.