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Homecoming Queen

Want to know what ONE THING that radically changed my life in the last decade?

It wasn’t any course I took or financial investment I made or even anything overtly spiritual I did.

It was coming home to my body. 

This one thing has changed:

  • My body image 
  • My core confidence
  • The way I parent 
  • My ability to experience pleasure
  • My exercise habits
  • My earning capacity

That’s because our bodies are our homes and our mind and body are designed to work together. But we’ve been conditioned to experience them from the outside in so often we get stuck in our heads and dissociated from our bodily sensations. 

How to know if you need to come home to your body?

  • You often get stuck in worry & stress and feel heavy in your head
  • You view your body as a project to work on or a vehicle to achieve
  • You constantly feel ‘on’ and struggle to wind down 
  • You lack clarity around making important decision making
  • You find it hard to play or spend time 
  • You can’t let go of control and receive pleasure
“The deepest connection you can ever make, with a lover, with God, with yourself, is accessed through deep feeling within the body. The body is the physical manifestation of our current state of consciousness. A tense, fearful & braced body is a tense, fearful and braced consciousness.” -Chris Bale

Connecting with your body is simple enough but not always easy. It takes conscious action to switch gears and let the body take the lead.  

How to start?

When you first reconnect with your body, what you first might sense is a lot of anger, rage and grief against the systems that have oppressed you. Secondly, you will have a lot of shame. Shame is a more acceptable social response for women than expressing actual rage. 

To get all of this out, go put on a loud song (think rap, rock, metal) and dance and scream it out of your body. It will only take 1 or 2 songs. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to tune into the nuanced feelings that lie beneath. Put on a softer rhythmic song. Breathe deeply as you run your fingertips up your arms. Give your shoulders a squeeze. 

If all of this sounds a bit out of your wheelhouse, you’re not alone. We are currently practising embodiment in my 6 month Woman of Influence immersion and it’s been challenging and confronting to say the least. But I know it works because my clients repeatedly tell me, “It’s like coming home.”  

If you are ready to come home to your body and experience wholeness and expansion, there are 2 ways you can do that:

  1. Book a transformation strategy call with me and see if you’re a good fit for the Woman of Influence 6 month immersion experience. This is where we are getting big results for women who are driven to create a big legacy.  
  2. Sample my work with The Style Upgrade. This is 4 week practical course interlaced with opportunities to reconnect with yourself. 

Remember, your body is your epicentre of your femininity. Not as an object, as a living breathing feeling, sensing manifestation of your invisible core. Until you reconnect with your body, you won’t have full access to your power or pleasure.