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Give love, live love

Being Valentines Day, I thought I would offer you something sweet (No, not chocolates or candy ❤️)


Today, I want to share a story of someone who has inspired me to love ❤️ differently. Her name is Alaina Michelle, a single mama in the UK, whose dancing, affirmations and entire love infused presence captivated me. Check her out here 


Rewind to covid lockdown 2020. Every day she would post a video of her dancing which always finished with the words “Live love, give love.” She shared her journey, her struggles, her mess and what got me what how she could transmute negativity to positivity and to judgment to acceptance. Her infectious message became part of my daily self care and when I reached out to let her know, she was every bit as beautiful as I had hoped.  Watching Alaina launch her sustainable clothing range “I AM LOVE”  was such a joy and it’s no wonder that she has increased her following by 40,000 since then.


To me, Alaina embodies a quality known as non complementarity. I only heard this word for the first time recently, but as soon as I looked up the meaning, I thought of Alaina.


See most people behave by mirroring how others behave towards them. Warmth for warmth and hostility for hostility.


But non complementarity is about breaking the human pattern of mirroring each other and acting in an unexpected manner in order to shake up the dynamic and produce an outcome different than the usual one.


In a world that still does tit for tat, I believe this is why Alaina’s message resonates.


Her love has had a huge impact on the way I interact with strangers and today on Valentines Day ❤️ I am reminded of how much more powerful it is to give love, not just when it’s given to us, but especially when it isn’t.


Today, I want to remind you that your truest identity is found in love.  ​

Whether or not someone sends you a card or gives you flowers today, you are powerful to create love and that in itself will change the trajectory of your life.