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Fresh paint and new beginnings

We are in the process of selling our house and just had it completely repainted. Somehow, those white walls have lulled me into believing that I am a domestic goddess and my kids are angels who would never leave dirty fingerprints down the hallway! 

There is something about the idea of a blank canvas that we all love. A clean slate. A fresh beginning. Kinda like a new outfit. 
We get this same feeling we get about a new year. The date ticks over and suddenly, we believe we are new person and anything is possible.  And it’s not just you- It’s easy to look at what everyone else is doing and saying and start listing a bunch of New Year’s resolutions:

  • Lose 10kg.
  • Quit drinking.
  • Double your income.
  • Stop people pleasing.

We do this, even though rationally, we know that the resolutions probably won’t stick and most of them weren’t even our own goals to begin with- we just heard someone them from someone else and figured it would be a good idea!

If you are going to make any resolutions in the new year can I suggest 2?

1. Refuse to compete

Competing and comparing your own journey to others does NOTHING to advance your life. Instead, I invite you to practice self reflection through journaling and see celebrate how far you have come, then look inside yourself for your unique growth path that shows you how to lean into that. There will be specific things based on your life experiences that you need to thrive. If you want to learn more about this process, let me know.

2. Keep 1 small promise to yourself every day

What good will that do? It will start to rebuild self trust. Think about it- Why would you believe a bunch of lofty New Year’s resolutions when you don’t even make good on the promise to drink more water? Practice waking up without hitting snooze, or stretching for 5 minutes or going for a walk after dinner. Celebrate yourself every time you do this. Oh and make sure you tell someone else about it.  

For me personally, I am continuing with my energy practices:   deep breathing , cold showers embodied movement- But this year I will add a new promise: Leaving 10 minutes early so I can have more margin & live more consciously .

January 1st doesn’t change anything. It’s a new year- same us.

The good news is that ANY DAY is a good date to start something. If you want a truly new beginning… take massive action today and email me to find out how you can work with me and set your year off right from the get go!!  
Book a transformation strategy call to find out more. **And BTW- there are options that meet you at all price points so don’t let $$$ stop you from finding out more!