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First class baby!


I bet you’re tired.

Not just physically, but emotionally. From holding everything together and wishing things were different than they are. 

You know what I’m talking about:

  • Maybe you’re not satisfied with the way your life is turning out.
  • Maybe you don’t like some of the people in your life.
  • Maybe you’re sick of dressing and acting like you do.
  • Maybe you’re done settling.

You want an upgrade but you’re not sure where to start.

That’s okay! You’ve already taken the first step, being honest with yourself about wanting more. 

The next step is to tune out any loud voices and tapping into what’s going on in your mind, heart and body.  That’s where the map for your upgrade is.

When I had my identity crisis as sleep deprived new mama, I learned the value of taking small imperfect action in the direction of your dreams. As I stopped trying to hold it all together, I had more energy to tap into my identity. What I discovered was beauty and purpose had been there all along.

The Style Upgrade

If you are done with the status quo and want to feel confident in choosing what is right for you, I invite you to experience The Style Upgrade.  Kicking off July 4th, this self paced course will provide you with all the foundations you need to level up your style and life. 

This is about changing the way you see yourself, tangibly and philosophically. Yes you will learn how to get dressed differently, but you’ll also be challenged to live differently, in alignment with your soul.

This is perfect for you if you’re in a space where nothing feels like you anymore and you want to feel confident in your choices for the woman you are today, not 10 years ago. For the price of a few impulse buys, you will discover what suits you, in and out of the wardrobe! 

If you believe you need the Style Upgrade, click HERE to grab your seat.