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Finding your purpose

Have you found your thing in life? The thing that sets your soul on fire and makes you feel the most alive, engaged and energised version of you? Or do you feel like you’re settling for good enough.


I’ve been working with my Women of Influence group for 6 months and the biggest change I have seen in them is in connecting with their life’s purpose. 


They went from→ stuck, stagnant, unsure, unfulfilled & rudderless 

To → inspired, driven, self-aware, present & grateful


The transformation started with inner shifts that overflowed into their tangible, visible world- showing up in their self expression, confidence, style, relationships and ultimately, their choice of work.   


How on earth did these women experience so much growth and revelation in such a short amount of time?  


By trusting me to guide them through my unique inside-out transformation process.


  1. We start with getting to know who you are. What is unique about you, your energy and essence, what are your strengths and what makes you tick. 
  2. We practice observing your inner workings at play and observe wounds and habits preventing you from realising your true desires.  
  3. We work with the body to release fear and bottled up emotions, strengthen the mind body connection and regulate the nervous system to increase your sense of presence, freedom and calm. 
  4. We gain insight into how you are uniquely motivated, your unique lens, how you find meaning and contribution in life and what you need to fuel your dreams.
  5. We devise a strategy to share your gifts with the world in a way that is rewarding and valued and walk it out until it is your reality.   


The result?


Women living their best life, focussed, mindful, grateful, present and in flow. Content and deeply connected, free from judgement, creating their legacies a day at a time and making a difference in the world by being their best selves.


If you would like to know how this process would look, feel and taste against the backdrop of your unique life, I invite you to book a strategy call today

The next round of Woman of Influence starts in just over 2 weeks and the small group is filling up with dynamic, diverse women, who are ready to THRIVE.

Will you be one of them?