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Bring a +1

It’s officially silly season and the invites to events, parties and celebrations are streaming in.

I recently attended my little sister’s wedding in Victoria and I tried a completely new colour and fabric for the occasion, which gave me this massive AH-HA…

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got

In trying something outside of my norm, I was being adventurous with my style, which gave me a chance to experience something new. 

I know you are all used to seeing me in B&W, bright colours and edgy styling accents, but this blush textured lace dress left me feeling like a brand new woman. I had different conversations. I moved and held myself differently. 

“Adventure is what happens when the human spirit breaks free from the mind.” 

-Richard Rudd  

When we get stuck in one way of doing things, even if it’s a really well thought through approach, our spirit gets bored. 

Life starts to feel stagnant. Opportunities grind to a halt. We get stuck in a rut. 

This is not living.

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t put here on this planet to live an ordinary, monotonous existence. I came here to flourish and thrive. 

If you’re bored with how you’re showing up, if you have been an admirer of others’ magnetic style and you’re ready to experience it for yourself…


Let’s just call this a Christmas gift to yourself that you get to unwrap for all of 2023!