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Becoming a Woman (of Influence)

Story Time


It’s time to share with you the story behind the Woman of Influence, which is the name of both our FB Community and my 6 month immersion experience. You may have noticed the tagline, “Women of Influence aren’t born, they’re forged” but what does it mean?



Forged suggests being shaped, beaten, moulded or found. It speaks of going on an intentional journey. Experiences that have shaped us, caused us pain, fear and distortions must be faced so they can be understood, accepted and released.


The pseudo safety of the known must be left to discover the truth of who we are, our true worth, connectedness, selfhood which activates our purpose.

Whilst we don’t have to do anything to become a woman, if we dare to be fully activated in our womanhood and take full responsibility for our influence and our ripple effect and have the audacious desire that it would benefit ourselves and everyone else in our sphere, it is a choice.


An invitation to deliberately and consciously create your life, whilst being fearlessly surrendered. When you do this, you inadvertently free others to do the same.


The Journey

It is on this journey that our patterns of fear, projection, passivity, control and overactivity are purified into safety, love, surrender, vision, and focus through every part of our mind, body and soul. The effect is felt in every relationship. Nothing is left unchanged.



I have become an intrepid guide on this journey. What it looks like at the end is different each time, but there is unique success and deep satisfaction for every woman who chooses to take it on.


Would you like to become a Woman of Influence?

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  3. Start a conversation with me about your next step. Not everyone is ready for the time or financial commitment of the immersion just yet, but there are other ways we can work together in the interim including an audit session, a deep dive or 1:1 coaching.  If you just want to get started, reach out.


I will be over here championing women as collectively find and embody our influence and use it to change the world around us.