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Baby steps


Do you feel a bit meh about getting dressed these days? Maybe you used to have it figured out but things changed and you no longer like getting dressed each day. 

You’re not too old. You don’t have the wrong body shape. The number on the scale is irrelevant. 

You just haven’t learned how to adapt your style to suit who you are today!

Did you know? ANYONE can learn style. Regardless of your size, shape or age. EVERYONE can enjoy expressing themselves in a beautiful, attractive way.

We just need a little help taking the first step.

I remember watching my kids learn to walk, it was so cute! They would wobble, fall down and then get up and try again! I loved holding their hands. Giving them a little stability until they got it themselves.

That’s what the Style Upgrade is all about 👇🏼

In just a few weeks, the Style Upgrade is going LIVE!!!!  This is for you if:

✔️ You’re at a place in your life where nothing you own feels like it suits you and you’re a little embarrassed of what you’ve amassed in your wardrobe.

✔️ You have looked at me and thought “I wish I could wear that” but also felt intimidated, like that was only for professional stylists (I guarantee you it’s not!)

✔️ You want to feel more attractive, want more energy, and want people to see you differently (like your partner perhaps?)

For the price of a few impulse buys, you can upskill, update and upgrade your style and with it, discover new passion for your life.

In this 4 week, self paced course, you will learn the foundations of self styling, how to tap into your taste, practically overhaul your wardrobe and how to make peace with your appearance so you can put your best foot forward and feel great in your skin.

It’s time to put your walking shoes on and take some wobbly steps with me by your side! You never know where it could lead…

If you find Style Upgrade is for you, click this LINK to enrol.